Jo’s Adventures

Into the Everglades I go yet again. I take whoever wants to tag along. You want a description I’m not sure I can give but here’s a little to get you going. I’ll start on the part that’s open and sparse. Although it’s pretty safe you should always use caution where you step and what you rub up against. Always bring sun block for exposed areas you couldn’t cover up with long sleeve shirts or pants. Today manufactures make all sorts of head protecting gear as well add some sun glasses and gloves and maybe you won’t need all that sunblock. You’ll need at least a small backpack to carry water and snacks. I highly recommend oranges as they seem to restore energy amazingly quick and there is no garbage left behind when you are done. PLEASE do not litter. Take nothing with you except memories and photographs. Oh yes bring your cell phone with you. You’d be surprised how many areas you do get reception plus they come with great picture taking capabilities now.


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