Him: Do you trust me?

Her:  Do you trust you?

Him: I do now.

Her: I’ve always trusted you.

Him: Close your eyes and hold my hands

Her: Okay

She was very scared. She knew what was about to happen. She had seen it happen in movies and in fairytales but never lived it. Lived it? That’s hysterical. No one has lived it.  Man just can’t fly, at least not without some sort of wing contraption and an engine. Yet she knew deep down somewhere, somewhere in our guts where nothing else but truth lives. A lone tenant in a place just the right size for just the right king, King Truth. She knew it was about to happen. The impossible was about to become possible.

He smiled as she closed her eyes and gave him her hands. He could see the excitement on her face. He could see some fear, apprehension, doubt, and nervousness on her face and yet there was a smile. That smile made him smile even bigger and made him feel on top of the world. It gave him all the strength and courage he needed to do anything his imagination would allow and his imagination only had room for her right now. For her to be with him in flight was all he could wish for, what a wonderful and delightfully insane idea that was.

They elevated slowly at first, and then really started flying when they were at an altitude of about five hundred feet. They flew over town and quickly reached the ocean.

Still with her eyes closed he decided to fly lower, much lower, low enough where she could smell the salt. He noticed her expression change to one of familiarity and he told her “don’t open your eyes yet, just a moment longer”. When he got right to the edge where the ocean met land he slowed his flight and told her it was ok to open her eyes now. When she did she was momentarily startled to see the ocean but immediately put at ease when she noticed how close to the beach she was. She felt even more relaxed, like he knew she would, when he started descending slowly and then gently landing on the beach.

The weather had changed she noticed, or was it like this before. Maybe she was just paying closer attention to it now. Yes, that’s it, all her instincts were so much more alive right now. She could smell better, and hear better. The salt from the ocean never smelled so good before and the rolling of the waves as they broke on the shore never sounded as beautiful as they did now. The sky, it had so many colors it was crazy. How could there be such clear skies on one side and such a blend into pinks and blues and purple and grays. Some colors were deep, some barely noticeable yet unquestionably there.

Susie walked towards him from down the beach. She never looked so beautiful as she did right now. The mixture of colors from the sand, ocean and sky reflecting and lighting her made her look almost magical. She was smiling too. She looked to be as happy to see him as he was to see her. Maybe she loved him as much as he loved her. She made the final move towards him and then froze for a moment and he looked down to see what caused her to stop so suddenly. They both looked at the two birds that were at the same time aware of the intruders and yet so into their own thing that they wouldn’t fly off until it were totally necessary.  All just stood there watching, trusting, living.


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